Kids, Create
Your Own Games!

An award winning , research-backed game design toolkit adopted by primary school teachers in Taiwan

Game Creatures

Inspire the values ignored by cramming education through teaching kids to design their own group games.

Let Kids Create their Own World!

Design, Play, Learn!

Games play an important role in children’s lives.
When they can create their own games, they can rock their world!

Create Games

Kids often adapt and change the rules as they play. They can create a game from scratch if they get guidance.

Play Games

Playing games made by kids themselves really give them a huge sense of achievement!

Discuss and Learn

When they start to play their own games, they’ll find problems in them. As they try to ‘fix’ games, discussions begin naturally.

Exclusive Game Design Method for Kids

Teach kids how to design games with Game Creatures Design’s method and Kit.

Build a story
turn it into a game!

Step 1.
Create Characters

Use the components in the toolkit to create a game creature!

Step 3.

Transform the elements in the story into real interactions  in reality.

Step 2.
Build Stories

Finally a game is born! Play and change the rules  to make your game better.
Create a story for it with relationship, obstacle and action.

Step 4.
Play And Iterate

Teaching Kit

Designed for teachers to lower the threshold of designing games for age 9-12.
  • Materials to create creatures
  • Story scripts
  • Transform-to-a-game board
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Join Our Revolution!

We’re calling for more teachers and educators to join us.
Let’s teach kids how to design their own games!


Teach kids how to design games with Game Creatures Design Kit.
Designed for teacher to lower the threshold of designing games for age 9-12.

Teaching Kit

See all the games designed by kids using the design method of Game Creatures.

Game Gallery

Our Journey and Footprint

The Game Creatures Project has researched a lot on games and teaching methods.
Teachers have tried our toolkit and helped us to develop it.
Near 150 kids have participated in our project and given us important feedback.

Game Gallery

Featured games from kids!
Time to play!


  1. There are three kinds of players in this game: mutative fish (1 person), the king of bad fish (1 person), bad fish and good fish.
  2. Select a person as the mutative fish and let him/her wait outside. The others draw lots to decide who’s good and who’s bad and who’s the king of bad fish (Don’t let the mutative fish know!).
  3. Start walking in the room. The bad fish have to walk toward their king while the good fish have to avoid the king of bad fish.
  4. The mutative fish have two minutes to recognize who is the king of bad fish to win. If a bad fish is caught by the mutative fish, he/her is out (have to sit down). However, if the mutative fish can not tell who’s the king of bad fish in two minutes, all of the bad fish wins.
Once upon a time, there’s a mutative fish who has three eyes to tell who’s the good person and who’s bad. One of the eyes can kill the bad guys with laser. He’s goal is to defeat all the bad guys in his world. One day the mutative fish meet a bad guy who had a mouth like a hook and pairs of feet like a fishing net..........


  1. Find a space bigger than 4 square meters.
  2. Divide into two teams: “the thieves” and “the fillers”.
  3. The fillers will take the spoon to dig the kinetic sand,  walking through the distance of 2 meters to put the sand on the other side to make a sandpile.
  4. At the same time, the thieves should try everything they can to make the fillers laugh (to let their sand fell off from the spoon) without touching them.
  5. After 3 minutes, see if there is more sand split on the floor or more sand in the pile. If there’s more on the floor, the thieves win, on the contrary, the fillers win.
There is a “sand stealing monster”, which has the ability to dig and fly. The thing he wants to do most is to make a vertical empty funnel within the mountain roots of the Himalayas and then jump up and down 100 times within the funnel.However, one day the sand stealing monster encounter an enemy “sand filling monster”which keep filling the sand back to mountain. The two monster can not let each other succeed in their mission.


  1. It takes at least four people to play.
  2. There are three identities, 1. Monsters 2. Little handsome guys 3. Refugees (at least 2 refugees).
  3. Little handsome guys and refugees are the same team.
  4. The monster is going to catch the refugees (the little handsome guy will not die if he catches the little handsome guy), the little handsome guy is going to catch the monster (the refugees will not die if the refugee is caught), the refugees can only escape.
  5. In the beginning, players need to draw straws to decide their role (monster, little handsome guy or refugees) and don't know each others' role.
Once upon a time, there was a monster called Time Breaker who brought chaos to the world by disrupting time and space. And there was another guy, a good guy who’s very handsome, hadthe ability to travel cross time and space. Besides, he had a  powerful  secret weapon: “the tear of dragon” which can destroy the Time Breaker.  The handsome guy found the Time Breaker and began a fight lasted for 77498864 days. Finally, he killed the Time Breaker with the tear of dragon when he almost bleed out.

How Do Kids And Teachers Think?

“In my understanding, design is a profound knowledge which is hard to practice. However, utilizing this kind of design method to create a game is quite helpful for kids.”
“I have a sense of achievement when playing a game designed by myself during the break time.”
“They (students who had participated in the workshop) have changed. They concentrate more on classes now .”
“I thought it would be easy to design a game, but it is actually quite difficult. I would like to design a game again.”


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